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NLC Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping services for you to experience successful money management and financial freedom. 


Our money management services and bookkeeping solutions allow budget-challenged and financially disorganized individuals and small business owners to organize and control their money.  NLC Bookkeeping's vision is to create financial order where there is little or none for families and small businesses.

NLC Bookkeeping delivers the highest quality of money management and bookkeeping services where people live and work in Pennsylvania. Our money management and bookkeeping solutions are customized, convenient, and are the stepping stones to being financially stable, controlled, and free.


Nicole Brown is the founder and principal bookkeeper of NLC Bookkeeping. She has a degree in Business Administration and over five years of money management and bookkeeping experience. Nicole is fervent about helping individuals and businesses organize and manage their finances. Nicole's bookkeeping services offer firms and families experiencing financial instability and disorganization money management solutions.


Nicole Brown has been working for my company for the past three years.  In that time, my business has nearly tripled.  I can’t say enough about her business acumen and her business skills.  Not only has she kept all of my books and records, doing all my accounts payable and receivables, but she has also helped me strategize to grow my business and take it into higher-paying markets.  She is invaluable and I highly recommend her services.

Natalie Kaye, President

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Organizing years’ worth of inaccurately structured financials was going to be a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, and previous bookkeepers never seemed to be able to explain the issues or follow through on the huge clean-up.


Nicole Brown did everything – with little time or effort from us, so we could focus on keeping our business growing. The best part was that we could completely trust her to knowledgeably explain everything, and professionally organize our financials to create a healthier company. 


Nicole has given us a bookkeeping structure that is less overwhelming, making us much more productive - creating more financial success! 

Ann Marie and Don Polec

CEO & VP of SunBlossom Entertainment

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